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For over 5,000 years, visionary people have crowned their homes with clay tile roofs. It continues to be a cherished tradition because of its lasting beauty and enduring strength over time. 

Our passion is to provide you with the best clay tile possible for your roof. At CV Roofing we stand behind our work supporting tradition with design innovation, our tile allows for customized installations including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns and more.


Artisan inspired and crafted with care from the earth, clay roof tile systems have a story to tell. A symbol of premium roofing, seen on the most luxury houses tile roofs hold the highest standard of sustainability, along with a vibrant selection of ENERGY STAR and Cool Roof rated colors.


Concrete tile with it's vast variety of colors and designs offers a beautiful and enduring roof system. Because of its long lasting life expectancy and durability, concrete tile roof is the best way to increase your property value, lower your light bill and give a great look to your home.


Don't wait, get started today with a reliable roofer in Bastrop & Austin area.

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